How Pat Came to Know & Work with the Forgiveness Spirit Guides

This is a meditative journey story. You will get the greatest value if you meditate (close your eyes, breath deeply and evenly, listen from your heart) while listening to this story of connecting with the guides. You can also make a prayer to the Forgiveness Guides to help you forgive while listening to this healing journey story.

Master Kirael on the Forgiveness Guides. 4.23.08 webcast

Sacred Peru Magical Power Spots

Lake Titicaca Flute Song of the Soul

Invocation of the Great Powers of the Universe to Help Us Forgive

Listen to these ancient star mantras while asking to receive the gift of forgiveness.



* Clear & untangle negative energy patterns in your own template.
* Obtain clarity about forgiveness, soul contracts, responsibility of your actions, thoughts, feelings, and prayers.
* Learn about the energetics and spiritual forces that reside in Lake Titicata.
* Learn about how to invoke these powerful allies in healing and clearing your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
* Increase your capacity to hold the light.
* Learn to utilize golden photon particles for self healing physically, emotionally, mentally. Self healing in the great shift in consciousness that is now fully underway on this planet.
* Take home skills that you can use for ongoing healing and personal development and evolution.
* Notes and journal for your continued expansion of understanding and ability to love and nurture relationships - with yourself and others.
* Safe, nurturing environment for the unfolding of your soul power in light and love.


Your goal for this workshop.
Powerful forgiveness stories.
What IS and what IS NOT Forgiveness.
Forgiveness & Health.

3. CHANTING OF SACRED SOUNDS to release, heal, and re-align.


4. USING PHOTON ENERGY FOR SELF HEALING EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY. Instruction and practice in working with golden photon particles for self healing physically, emotionally, mentally.

5. Review and experiences shares.


1. Journal to document and capture your experiences.
2. Pure water.
3. Healthy Refreshments to share.
4. Open Heart.

845 . 434 . 3829

Why Take This Workshop

Forgiveness opens the door to love.

1. Do you self-sabotage?
2. Do you have feelings of Unworthiness?
3. Are you carrying old baggage?
4. Do you wall yourself up and create hard places that make you sick?
5. Not forgiving can hurt your heart.
6. Do you want to have more love and be in unconditional love.


1 hour +
Message from the Spirit Guides of Forgiveness from Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Guided meditations for forgiveness, special messages.

As they become available.

- 2 Hours

Usually night before any of the other workshops... a preview and mini sample session with Spirit Guides of Forgiveness from Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Also a spiritual travalogue of the major power spots of Lake Titicaca and Macchu Picchu in Peru - especially for those travelling to these and other sacred power places.

Introduction to Healing Energies of Peru, Lake Titicaca & Machu Picchu
I FORGIVE mantra
Group Process Work
Self Healing with Golden Particles


Introduction to Healing Energies of Peru, Lake Titicaca & Machu Picchu
Invocation of Healing Spirit Guides of Forgiveness from Lake Titicaca and other Celestial Beings of Light
I FORGIVE mantra
Golden Particle Self Healing
Toning & Chanting
Q & A with Spirit Guides of Forgiveness from Lake Titicaca


I FORGIVE mantra
Golden Particle Self Healing - Guided Meditation & Sharing
Healing with Group Mantra Sacred Sounds
Q & A with Peruvian Lake Titicaca Spirit Guides of Forgiveness
Deep Process Work & Sharing


I FORGIVE mantra
Golden Particle Self Healing
Healing with Group Mantra Sacred Sounds
Q & A with Peruvian Lake Titicaca Spirit Guides of Forgiveness
Quantum Healing Group Session
Extended Group & Individual Deep Process Time
Time for Reflection & Healing in Time Out from Ordinary Life.

Notes from Peru ....Love one Another

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Hearts,

Today in Peru, at Lake Titicaca, I spent in Shamanic clearing..... an expected result of the all the incredible energies I have downloaded the last few days here in this doorway of planetary light flooding the planet.

I thank each of you who are participating in spreading this radiance around the planet in its highest vibration of unconditional love and healing to elevate our planet.

My one quick report from the field, is that EACH of us, to be purveyors of love and light and healing, MUST continue to clear our human templates of the drudge of ill-will, hatred, suspicion, judgment, etc, etc.

So many modalities have been streamed onto this planet in the past few decades... such as EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique) and such.

Whenever we catch ourselves caught up in an old reflex of anything other than unconditional love, it is a MOMENT TO HEAL by just turning inward and asking the universe for the tools and help to come to each of us to clear the accumulated soot of planetary garbage out of our hearts, minds, systems.

Though this healing, we can each become stronger vessels for the flooding streams of light to penetrate through the clouds of smog on this planet, and create the new golden age of love and peace we are all working to co-create.


Pat Crosby

Humanity is caught up in the mass consciousness belief system of the third/fourth dimensions
whereby the core issues from the past and the imperfections within your ancestral DNA will cause these symptoms to manifest if you allow yourself to
feel unloved, unworthy, or feel guilt, shame or resentment in any form.

All these negative energies are a result of deep core memories from your ancient past rising to the surface so you can release them once and for all.

Every dear soul, in varying ways and degrees, has been ostracized, tortured and even killed in numerous lifetimes. However, it is time to heal those painful
memories of the past and with our help it is possible to do so.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman, April 2008

Sacred Urubamba River around Machu Picchu

We saw this river start as a little trickle high up in the Andes on our all day drive from Puno & Lake Titicaca. Here, after traversing the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it boils and swirls in mad rapids around the base of Machu Picchu mountain. It was not easy to get to the sacred initiation mountain of Machu Picchu - 4 days walk on the Inca trail, 2 days walk UP the mountain, somehow crossing this boiling river....


In Business, Relationships, Community.



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shining in the Light of God

HEAVEN #2696
In the Company of the Great Ones
April 12, 2008

God said:

When you see snow on tree branches, you admire the snow-covered branches. It's a lovely sight. Yet, after a while, you may not even notice the snow-covered branches. They get taken for granted.

When the sun shines brightly on the selfsame snow-covered branches, only then do you see sparkles. The sparkling captivates you. The snow on the branches is the same with or without the sun's light shining on it. But with the sun's light, you see what already was, and yet, because of the sun's light helping you, enlightening you, wide-eyed you see the glistening of the snow. The sun did not add anything to the snow except to simply shine its light on it. The sun didn't change the snow though later it may melt it, and then the meltingness reveals even more of the truth of the snow, that it is water, after all. Of course, water from the Heavens! Pure water from the Heavens, yet simply water, the sea of life.

As you have guessed, I use this comparison to show that My children are most often seen without the sun's light shining on them. The overt physicalness of My children, is readily seen. The Golden Light that they in truth are is not. It is a fact that what exists is not always seen, even when the Invisible is Reality far more than the visible. The visible is not Reality. It is only a shell of it known by the five senses. The five senses are definitely useful, yet they are not everything.

My children, seen in better light, seen in the sunlight of My eyes, ah, then they are really seen. My children aren't different. They have not been transformed. Only, as it is, in My light, they are seen, perhaps for the first time, as the essence of Who they always were. Only now you are seeing what you did not see before. You can hear about it, understand it, even accept, yet Reality cannot be described in its full glory. Until your eyes (rather, your heart) do see, you have not seen. The good news is that your vision will grow, and you will see, and you will be so happy.

I know you wish you could see with My eyes right now. This is something for you to wish for, maybe even more than for a bright shining new car, beloveds. By no means, feel sad that you want a new car. I know its importance for you. Yes, may you have it. Relax. You don't have to make a choice of one or the other.

The only thing is that you are surrounded with cars and advertising photos of cars. However, seeing Human Beings as I do see them is not advertised very much. Oh, perhaps once in a while, you see pictures of the Great Ones and saints and angels and such with halos around them. In the world, these haloes simply do not get the press shining new cars do. That's how it is, isn't it?

This is why you need reminders. Until the time when you see for yourself, keep those reminders in front of you. Keep thinking about the day of your improved vision to come. And, in the midst of your interactions in the world, remind yourself that everyone, everyone without exception, everyone in front of you, regardless of appearance, shines in this selfsame bright light.

Actually, the bright light is more than a halo. Everyone is totally bright light. You are too, beloveds. You are too. I see you as you really are, and I receive you into My heart and the company of the Great Ones.

Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty * * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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